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It's been a couple years since I've listened to this, but man this is great. Not only is it Drum and Bass, which is one of my personal favorites, but it also has a very digital vibe that changes between three distinct vibes very well. In other words, this song achieves what was mentioned in the description. The 1:08 part really does embody the dark mood with the sort of ever flowing aura or whatever sound that is. This part also seems to embody the Twilight name in some part though considering it sound like the twilight variants of parts of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Also, this song is approaching 11 years old!! It really does sound great, even by today's standards.

This is one of the greatest ones you've made, by far. The beginning was already pretty good to begin with, but that drop at 2:17... I think you broke the first law of Thermodynamics. The sheer amount of energy when it dropped is like the output of a star. The way it mixed up from that drop to 3:40 is way past good. And this was almost 6 years ago?! That's beyond sheer brilliance. That is just epic.

I'll be honest, this is very cool. I was thrown off when there was only one noticeable drop in the song, but this is still very good. It reminds me of one of Xtrullor's songs. I really like how it remains it's calm tone throughout the song. The drop seems to bring a whole new vibe while keeping those notes. Nice work even though very few people have listened to it.

GodzillappleMusic responds:

thanks. i am very inspired by xtrullor [that is why i added a phaser bass between the drop] also, sorry about the very silent snare in the drop.

Wow! The violin really makes this sound climatic and very cool. It sounds like a battle theme from Octopath Traveler despite this being made before it came out. I'm not sure if you'll see this but good job! I'd like to hear more from this violin work in any recent songs made.

This is a wonderful piece. The fact that you did this on piano only is remarkable. This is calming and soothes tension in me. I don't know if others get that feeling, but I do. This is so peaceful and it really captures the epic yet pleasant depths in the reaches of space. I genuinely like this.

Wow, this is very good! I like how this is very fast plus the beat is very good.

Ok, this track is good in its own right. It does hit some very nice notes and both drops are epic. I'll admit it that for this being the song after a masterpiece like Supernova, it's not awesome but it is still great. Both this and Reverie are very good. Granted it's not Supernova levels of good, but it is nice in quality.
@Ivan252 Loud and obnoxious? Have you heard the second drop in Ego Death? Sure Enigma stays loud throughout the majority of the track but it still sounds great albeit outlandish for this era of Xtrullor, but the 2nd Drop in Ego Death is BEYOND loud. Plus, Corrosive managed to be so loud in bass that Newgrounds can only define it as a freaking "brick" throughout all but one second of the that track and it is still good!

Why are you not a fan of this one? Personally, I like this one. It has an awesome beat and both drops were very good. If there's anything I had to say could've been better is doing something different for the last 50 seconds. While the repeat in a beat was present in ToE2, I can overlook that because that was only the second one while this is the fourth one. It's still very good, but it could be better.

DANG!!! I've played GD to hear the short version, but wow! Of course my bias for No Game No Life is going to be a factor, but even without it... This is amazing.

Holy Shrimp!!! The atmosphere of this remix is awesome!!! While the original is fast paced and epic, this adds a level of sheer power to the epicness. Also, have you taken notes from Xtrullor or something because I hear some of the stuff he used here. Awesome choice.

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