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Without a doubt, this is a true masterpiece. No, that's not enough of a good description. The original was already an excellent mural of what The Ultimate Showdown would be. It captures the whole essence of what we want to see, throwing all sorts of logic, reason, restriction, and quality to the wind and embracing it all in one glorious piece. If the original is a mural full of essence, this Collab extracts 99.99% of it, puts in several flavor shots of different artistic styles, animation choreography, and proper effort, blends it into one extra large container, and sprayed on the inside of a large room into a marvel of references, talent, beauty, awesome, and so many more descriptive words that it could be the next Sistine Chapel. Every single artist, animator, and person who jumped on board with this should feel proud. This is perfect.

Genuine creativity and love was crafted into this reanimation. Amazing work to all of you who made this possible. This is up there with the SMBZ Episode 6 reanimation.

I don't know how much time this took, but this was an outstanding. An amazing episode to watch for the first one in 3D. I want more of this.

This is fantastic. I love how the menu has an extremely small reward for completing the challenge, like the refund policy in the Krusty Krab. You are a genius.

A Masterpiece! This is epic!!

Ok this is sick! I loved the use of heads to create a form of madness. This also launched back in 2015 to!? Man, those were the good ol days.

Gamer and Artist with desires to make games in the future. I admire a mixed genre of stuff. Also in the process of making my own saga.

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